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Basics of SEO


In just 4 pages, i had summarized all the basics of doing SEO on your own. By reading this PDF of mine, i can assure you can start doing SEO on your website on your own and eliminate the costly prices of SEO handling to SEO professionals.

If not, then at least you will not be a fool against any SEO professionals.

Just 4 pages. Have a read.

I had done SEO of my website on my own by this SEO guide. Have a look at the website.

If you don't like it, i will return the money i got. 100% promise.

Only you have to do is : Let me know in detail that why you didn't like it.


Thanks & Regards,

Anshul ( Software Architect )

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Yes sure. I am more than happy to give knowledge transfer to you.

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Basics of SEO

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